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16 Teens Rescued From Sex Trafficking in Super Bowl Sting |

It’s the ugly side of the Super Bowl – the reality that America’s most popular sporting event is also likely America’s biggest day for sexual slavery. The day that sells the most tickets and the most coveted ad spaces is also the day that results in the most sales of little girls and women, at prices inflated to match the expense of the event. In a cruel outplay  of the economic reality of “supply and demand,” it is not only local pimps who make a big profit – women and girls from all over the country are often brought in to the destination city to ensure that travelers for the big game have enough “side entertainment” available. Read more: 16 Teens Rescued From Sex Trafficking in Super Bowl Sting |

West Virginia’s Iconic Pepperoni Roll Is Finally Getting Some Official Recognition – Bon Appétit

Last month, a resolution was presented to the West Virginia legislature proposing to make the “humble pepperoni roll” the state’s official food—at last. In the eyes of most current and former West Virginians (myself included), the law would only formalize what we already held to be true: that this food—basically, pepperoni baked into a soft roll, which is a definition far less satisfying than the product it defines—was as connected to West Virginia as the bagel is to New York or the cheese steak is to Philadelphia. [Read more at: Bon Appétit.]

Have you seen the awesome new look yet? Major overhaul!

You’re in for a treat. A major overhaul of has resulted in a fantastic new look and feel. What are your thoughts?

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Top 5 reasons to stop typing in “Textlish”

Darth Grammar finds your lack of punctuation disturbing.

Reason #5

The perception of you by others may not be what you think. This isn’t about occasional mistakes; we all make typographical errors on occasion. Typing in Textlish is an ongoing practice—a lifestyle, if you will. Seemingly there is no shame, acknowledgement, or awareness in the perpetrators. You may feel you’re always in too much of a hurry to take the extra 0.3 seconds to type “your” instead “ur.” However, the recipient of your Textlish may think you’re ignorant (as in uneducated). Note the fuzzy logic here: “It’s not that I don’t know better, I’m just always short on time.” Well, whenever the Textlish is not just “shortcuts” but also regularly full of blatant errors, such as “there” instead of “they’re” (or “their,” depending), then you leave readers with limited options about what to think. They might give you the benefit of the doubt, but several gaffes in a single post or message, or ongoing habits in every message, will likely push them toward seeing you as unlearned.

Reason #4

Lowering your own standards to type in Textlish is habit forming. Ever hear of “muscle memory”? Whenever you eventually need to switch on your “real English” for communications related to, say, a job interview, you might let something slip that could be detrimental to your reputation or simply less than putting your best foot forward. The habit of typing in Textlish gets entrenched like nicotine addiction, and slips are as noticeable as—well, let’s just say they are very noticeable.

Reason #3

The future deserves better. Textlish is becoming the de facto language of our tech-oriented culture. We’re all connected. “No man is an island.” Type well, and we all are elevated. Type poorly, and we all are brought lower. Your presentation of yourself in text, tweet, post, etc, has an impact on all who read it. Sadly, some “educators” (including, apparently, the authors of Common Core, a plan for nationwide educational standards being implemented in government schools) have reckoned cursive handwriting to be an outdated relic of the past, with plans to stop teaching it in public schools. If we don’t stand up for proper English in all our typed content, we’re allowing, even opting for, a lazy mishmash of confusing fragments as replacement for our established language’s words. Dictionaries give etymologies, which are the origins and histories behind our words. Imagine when, eventually, noble origins such as Greek, Latin, and Old English must be joined by “Textlish” (or some such description) as the explanation for a single letter being forced to stand in for three or four former words. Our children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren deserve better.

Reason #2

It’s just not that hard to type it right to begin with. Sometimes the alleged “time savings” don’t make sense, because, after all, how much longer would it have taken to type out a real word? How much time does one “save” by typing one or two fewer characters of what should have been only a three- or four-letter word? And if we’re abbreviating, contracting, or leaving off letters for effect, how hard would it be to use the requisite periods and apostrophes? Don’t even get us started on the lack of commas and periods to denote where phrases and sentences are supposed to start and stop. The “Princess Leia” of this war between light and darkness is a preprogrammed digital assistant inside our phones. Thankfully, she types with proper grammar and spelling while taking dictation. Or, at least, she tries.

Reason #1

Darth Grammar. You really want to avoid death by strangulation. Some people are just that annoyed by it. (Just kidding.) We’ve given the darkness a name. Textlish. Won’t you join our quest to vanquish an enemy of all that is decent with regard to modern communication?

Thoughts to ponder about Textlish:

While this method of typing in a hyper-abbreviated “digital shorthand” seems to have resulted originally from limits imposed on the number of characters permitted in SMS text messages and tweets on, use of it has spread beyond SMS texting and tweeting, even into areas where there are no limits on the number of characters. Examples abound in nearly all typed content, including emails, Facebook posts, and blog articles, etc.

Its use in digital domains that do not limit users on the number of characters supports the observation that the practice is often based on factors other than the original (and potentially obsolete) need to stay under a character limit. These factors may include:

  • Once a habit has formed, the behavior happens even when and where it is not needed.
  • People who were never subject to character limits learn the behavior from others, and emulate it to “fit in.”
  • People who were never subject to character limits may be undereducated and may learn the behavior as a common practice, possibly being unaware that it is not proper English.
  • People may take up or maintain the habit simply out of either laziness, desire to conform to trends, or desire to rebel against “the establishment.”

These potential factors support the concern that the practice could become ubiquitous, displacing proper grammar and spelling with ill-advised, confusing fragments that are a poor substitute for the language structure slowly being replaced.

Dr. Carmella’s Guide to Understanding the Introverted!

Guide To Understanding The Introverted

3 Huge Tips For Drawing Closer to God

These three huge tips about how to “pray through” will really help you draw closer to God:

  1. To “pray through” has nothing to do with praying until you force God to change His mind and help you. God’s mind does not need changed. To “pray through” means to pray until you get through your own insecurities, until you get past your own carnal desires, until you get past your own doubt, complacency, and fear. To “pray through” is to pray until you’ve allowed God to change not just your mind but your very nature; to pray until your carnal nature is mortified, put to death.
  2. God already wants to help you; He wants, more than you can comprehend, to help you. There is nothing about prayer that is twisting God’s arm and making Him say “Uncle.” It is one’s own carnal nature than needs to be compelled and controlled. There is a point as one prays where his or her own spirit is helped and strengthened by God to the point that, together with God’s Spirit, the inward man triumphs over the outward man. This is the moment of victory; the moment of breaking through; the moment of being able to lay aside the bitterness and grant forgiveness; the moment of seeing past earthly, sin-cursed values and weighing matters truly according to eternal values.
  3. “Praying through” is the moment of getting through all that must be gotten through if we are to become like our Lord. We cannot become (as He is) the very image of God, the very human manifestation of God, but we can hope to become (as He is) a glorified and perfected man. That is the goal, and we desire to pray for His help until we reach it. Let us endeavor to “pray through.”
Praying Through
Brian Murphy Jr, a young minister at Christian Apostolic Church, praying and worshiping during the 2013 Youth Week at CAC, Clarksburg, WV. Photo by Doug Joseph, copyright (c) 2013 by Doug Joseph / Christian Apostolic Church. All rights reserved.

Report on first-ever Sword Run

Sword Run - Kids hamming it up for reporter
Some kids hamming it up for a reporter, along with Pastor Doug Joseph, and Elder and Sister Fought.

Clarksburg, WV – The first-ever Sword Run, held on Saturday, May 18, 2013, was a tremendous success thanks to the help of many great Azusa StreetRiders and the abundant blessings of God. As wonderful as the “run” event was itself—with a great ride, mouth-watering, slow-smoked BBQ, wonderful prizes, and a thoroughly enjoyable day at the park—the true highlights of the weekend were the Biker Sunday services the next day, Sunday, May 19, 2013, at the host church, Christian Apostolic Church, led by Pastor Doug Joseph.

During the “run” event some guests joined the ride, having heard about it through the local media blitz accomplished via posters, flyers, and donated ink and donated airtime resulting from press releases and a personal connection to a local radio executive, Jack Murphy Jr, of WV Radio Corporation. Not only did Jack Murphy Jr help with airing free PSAs (Public Service Announcements) to promote the event, but he also aided in securing our title sponsor, 102.3 WFBY-FM (, which signed on with a sizable donation to lead in corporate sponsorship of the event. One of the guests who joined the ride won second place in the scored-play of the run. Of the two swords he was offered as his prize, he chose a dragon sword to take home.

The first-place winner of the scored-play of the run, Brother Tom Thompson (ASR) chose to donate his prize of $500 cash straight back into the event’s fundraising goals. Thank you, Brother Thompson! Pastor Doug Joseph (ASR) also credited the great success of the event to the creativity of one of their ASRs, Brother Mike Sutton (whose brainstorm initiated the event), the excellent leadership of their local ASR chapter president, Brother Nathaniel “Adam” Benedum, and the whole chapter’s great members and helpful spouses.

Pastor Joseph stated, “This ASR chapter’s creativity, organizational skills, hard work, spirit of excellence, and a desire to reach souls and bless other ASRs, were partnered with a desire to raise funds for Motorcycles For Missionaries, as well as a need to fund our local church’s planned construction project, aiming to move our growing congregation to a better, larger facility in a better location. The event was a smashing success; the fund-raising goals were met, and the anointing of the Holy Ghost in the Biker Sunday that followed was beyond description! The local church’s worship and music, the preaching and spiritual ministry by Evangelist Earl Rodeheaver, and the exuberant worship and fervent prayers of all the ASRs who attended, were a great tribute to our great God and King, the Lord Jesus Christ.”

During our time at the park on Saturday, a reporter from Connect-Clarksburg, Renee Courtney, just happened to be there for a different story she was working on, and she took advantage of the moment to include a photo and write-up about the Sword Run inside her broader report about activities at city parks. Her article and photo can be seen on their website. More event details and information about our corporate sponsors can be seen on the event’s official website:

‘Debt Sinkhole’ lingo dumped on advice of experts


Word of the Day


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Zeitgeist (German pronunciation: [ˈtsaɪtɡaɪst] ( listen)) is “the spirit of the times” or “the spirit of the age.” [1] Zeitgeist is the general cultural, intellectual, ethical, spiritual, and/or political climate within a nation or even specific groups, along with the general ambiance, morals, sociocultural direction, and mood associated with an era.

The term is a loanword from German Zeit – “time” (cognate with English “tide” and “time”) and Geist – “spirit” (cognate with English “ghost”).

McD’s Bad Drive-Through Experience

Me: I would like a #6 meal.

McD: [murmuring, nearly silent]

Me: I can barely hear you.

McD: [Speaking up, more volume]
McD: What kind of kids meal would you like?

Me: No, you misheard me. I would like a Number, Six, Meal, and I do want the Swiss cheese.

McD: [Rings me up a #6, hold everything except the cheese.]
McD: [Rings me up a sweet tea, which I did not order.]

Me: No, I did not tell you to take everything off the sandwich. I said I like the Swiss cheese.

McD: [Clears the screen]
McD: [Rings me up a #6, hold the cheese.]
McD: [Rings me up a sweet tea, which, again, I did not order.]

Me: No, I did not tell you to hold the cheese. I said I want the cheese. I like Swiss cheese. We’re having some trouble communicating. Can you understand me?

McD: [Getting snippy. Replies with a bad attitude.]
McD: Yes…. Sir.

McD: [Clears the screen]
McD: [Rings me up a #6.]
McD: [Rings me up a sweet tea, which, again, I did not order.]

Me: You have rung up a sweet tea that I did not order.

McD: [Clears the screen]
McD: [Rings me up a #6, special note on the cheese.]
McD: [Long pause….]

Me: Let me know when you’re ready.

McD: [Asks the following question begrudgingly, as though too lazy to ask, and frustrated to have to ask…]
McD: What would you like to drink?

Me: Mr. Pibb or Dr. Pepper. 

McD: [Rings me up the correct drink.]
McD: [Asks the following question with a smarmy tone]
McD: Is the screen correct?

Me: Yes. Thank you.

…So then I drive up, pay, move up, get the food, and check the bag. Looks OK. I drive away. Then I open the package to eat, and there is no cheese on my sandwich.

I turn around and drive back. I park and walk in. Stepping up to an abandoned service counter, I call to the nearest employees standing on the far side of the restaurant, “Excuse me.”

No luck.

“Excuse me.”

No reply.

“Excuse me!”

Finally, a drive-through delivery girl starts saying, “Oh, he wants to talk to someone!” while another asks me if there is a problem.

I reply that I had asked three times for Swiss cheese, and I have a sandwich outside with no cheese on it. “Can someone get me some Swiss cheese, please?”

Employees start scurrying away, while the drive-through delivery girl seemingly decides it’s not her problem.

I thought one of them might have gone to get me some Swiss cheese. No dice.

Apparently none of the employees wanted to talk to me or help me, so someone among them had gone to fetch the manager.

Out comes the manager, with an employee in tow. I asked the employee behind her, “Is no one helping me yet?”

No answer from the employee.

“What seems to be the problem?” asks the manager.

I was explaining, when she stopped me to ask what kind of sandwich.

I thought, “What does it matter? I just want a slice of Swiss cheese that I paid for!” However, I told her it was a club.

Then she wanted to know whether it was crispy or grilled.

Sigh. “Crispy.”

She walked away. I thought, “Well, maybe I will get a slice of Swiss cheese.”

I waited.

Finally, she came back with a whole sandwich, saying this one has cheese.

At that point, I just kind of gave up, said, “Thank you,” and took the sandwich.

It did have Swiss cheese on it.

This was perhaps the most annoying drive-through experience I’ve ever had. Some may say it’s not worth the trouble. I am tempted to agree, but, “Oh, the power of cheese!” Did I mention that I like the Swiss cheese?