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Five [somethings] that cause [something]!

  1. Enough already with the “listy” titles: “Five behaviors that lead to early dementia,” or “Three foods that cause cancer,” or “Ten habits of highly effective leaders,” or “Seven policies that increase church giving,” or…
    Back when I first read that popular blog post on “Eight ways to increase blog traffic” (or whatever it was actually titled), and it explained how people go for short, definitive lists that make everything sound simple, and how titles that hint at that kind of list really get the click traffic, I halfheartedly tried to get on board.
    Over time, I even made some meager efforts to title some posts that way, but a quick scroll through my blog shows I was not consistent at it—yet I was never “against” it.
    Still, come on! The “listy” titles have become so prolific and so annoying that I am now crying “uncle.” Enough. Please, bloggers and click-bait sites, get back to being creative with real titles.
  2. And don’t even get me started on those other click bait titles such as “She was [something] until THIS happened!” Argh, ugh, and yuck. I have come to despise such things.
  3. While I am at it, Christians and/or conservatives: can we please, for the love of all that is good and holy and decent, stop posting links to supposedly conservative articles that display, in the advertisements, “gratuitous cleavage” / wanton near nakedness and generally raunchy, nasty stuff?
  4. And, Christians and/or conservatives: can we please stop linking (without any warning) to videos that contain seriously bad language? Yeah, that would be great.
  5. Oh, boy. I seem to have compiled a definitive list of four items, yea five items if we count this last bit that doesn’t fit, but yet we could pretend it does. No, wait, the click-bait people do that too, whenever the 13th item in their list of 13 items is not a 13th item, but just a screen that says “you’ve reached the last item, so now click here.” Yeah, I guess I am now guilty, too.  (See what I did there?)    😉

So—whatever shall I title this post?

Funny election ad from Texas official now viral

Usually when we laugh at political ads, it’s not because they were intended to be funny. Yet this short re-election video by the Travis County Commissioner, Gerald Daugherty (R), and his wife,  scores big at what most campaigns won’t dare to try. There’s no effort to smear an opponent, just light-hearted self-deprecation. It’s gone viral, with kudos from the Washington Post & CNN. Check it out!

More Happy Chewbacca Mom Festivities

In addition to all the celebrations here

This happened as well:

Wow! “Happy Chewbacca” Mom wildly popular

So, I was one of many who enjoyed this (thanks, Randy Mocaby, for sharing):

SO… one of how many though? Try 145,000,000+ viewers! So, yeah, and THIS happened!

And…. then this happened too:

The Demise of the Preacher’s iPhone


This was loosely based on a true story, except I was trying to get Siri to put my phone in a “do not disturb” mode. (That was before Apple had ever added such a feature. I think I’m the sole cause they did.) I had worked all day, all night, and all day, and had only a few minutes to grab a quick nap before having to get up again. I tried every way I could get to Siri to stop my phone from ringing for 40 minutes and then have her switch my phone back to normal. (I was concerned that putting my phone in silent mode would hinder its regular alarm feature. I’m still not solid on that.) After many attempts and many ever weirder replies from Siri, I exhaled with a “Pffhh” of frustration. Siri replied, and I quote, “There’s no need to curse.” At that point I remembered I was arguing with a computer program, set the regular alarm, and went to sleep. True story.

PS: The Siri quote, “I’d rather you didn’t,” is also based on a true story. One day she got things so turned around she actually said that to me. I cannot now remember the exact weirdness, but it was up there with the weirdness of “There’s no need to curse.”