3 Huge Tips For Drawing Closer to God

These three huge tips about how to “pray through” will really help you draw closer to God:

  1. To “pray through” has nothing to do with praying until you force God to change His mind and help you. God’s mind does not need changed. To “pray through” means to pray until you get through your own insecurities, until you get past your own carnal desires, until you get past your own doubt, complacency, and fear. To “pray through” is to pray until you’ve allowed God to change not just your mind but your very nature; to pray until your carnal nature is mortified, put to death.
  2. God already wants to help you; He wants, more than you can comprehend, to help you. There is nothing about prayer that is twisting God’s arm and making Him say “Uncle.” It is one’s own carnal nature than needs to be compelled and controlled. There is a point as one prays where his or her own spirit is helped and strengthened by God to the point that, together with God’s Spirit, the inward man triumphs over the outward man. This is the moment of victory; the moment of breaking through; the moment of being able to lay aside the bitterness and grant forgiveness; the moment of seeing past earthly, sin-cursed values and weighing matters truly according to eternal values.
  3. “Praying through” is the moment of getting through all that must be gotten through if we are to become like our Lord. We cannot become (as He is) the very image of God, the very human manifestation of God, but we can hope to become (as He is) a glorified and perfected man. That is the goal, and we desire to pray for His help until we reach it. Let us endeavor to “pray through.”
Praying Through
Brian Murphy Jr, a young minister at Christian Apostolic Church, praying and worshiping during the 2013 Youth Week at CAC, Clarksburg, WV. Photo by Doug Joseph, copyright (c) 2013 by Doug Joseph / Christian Apostolic Church. All rights reserved.

PhpFox: The Awesomest Social Networking Platform Out There

phpFox-webpagethumbnail-1You name it, you’ve used it. You’ve tried Ning (terrible), BuddyPress (terrible), and Joomla’s JomSocial (terrible). You still have a great idea for a social site that can really meet the needs of the niche group you’re involved with. You’re not looking to get rich, but you wouldn’t mind if there was some great monetization involved. You mainly just want to make sure the community you’re a part of is taken care of. After a long search for social networking that actually works, you’ve all but given up.

I have good news: phpFox is what you’re looking for. Trust me. Your search is over. Instead of prospective members leaving in droves while complaining about how hard the site was to navigate, they will be sending you private messages and posting compliments saying, “So cool! How did you do this!? You’re a genius!” I’m not joking.

Yes, I know; you were hoping for something free. But don’t you see that all the free stuff you’ve tried was why you could not get the thing off the ground? You’ve got to bite the bullet. Pay a one-time fee of $300, and enjoy pure awesomeness. Perhaps you can have the niche group you’re serving pay the $300. If you want to monetize your site and you don’t want your members to know what software you’re using, then pay a one-time brand-removal fee of $49 to have all shred of the software maker’s company name removed from the site and all its code. For real.

At the risk of sounding overly cliché, “if you build it, they will come.”