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Shim Craimer’s musical serenity blessed me this morning

This morning in prayer, I broke down and wept, while considering all the threats against our kids these days, all the menacing possibilities we face, and how far short we fall in our efforts to protect and prepare our young ones. A comfort came in a calm assurance that the Holy Hand at work in our lives is more that able. Soon afterward, I stumbled upon this masterpiece by Jewish musician Shim Craimer.  It’s called “Forever More” — and I pray it blesses you as it did me.


The sun arrives so early yet
My eyes are wide awake
I’m thinking how the world
Is such a crazy place
But then a calm serenity
Takes over from the pain
I realize that nothing is in vain

Save me
Oh you heal me
Will you comfort me
Forever more

Lookin back through all the years
I’ve tried to understand
How everything life throws at you
Comes with a plan
You need to take a breath and find
How human one can be
Just look around at what you’ve got
And see

Save me
Oh you heal me
Will you comfort me
Forever more

Prepare to be impacted by beautiful music

My good friend, John F. Harrison, an alum of Berklee College of Music, just let us know that some students from his alma mater, together with Boston musicians, did a Christmas flash mob at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts. Their rendition of “O Holy Night” is so beautiful it left me in tears. Enjoy!

From the description of the video on Youtube: “On Saturday, December 14, 2013 Berklee students and Boston musicians furnished the MFA’s Shapiro Family Courtyard with song, featuring soloist Mark Joseph & a full choir and string section. The nostalgic Christmas tune rang through the MFA amongst hundreds of unsuspecting onlookers and brought bustling and chatting crowds to silence in a bid to capture the essence of the holidays.”