Why I Switched From ASP to PHP, Instead of to ASP.NET

I cut my teeth (in web dev) on the Active Server Page (ASP) methodology (a proprietary Microsoft technology) by way of the Visual Basic language. So, why am I now choosing the “hard” path of learning a whole other language and slowly porting all my web apps over to PHP, instead of “growing” on into ASP.NET? Two reasons. First, because it is significantly easier to learn and use PHP than it is to try to learn all the new weirdness of ASP.NET. Second, I am offended (on principle) at a company that decided it can force those using its old technology to move “up” to its new technology by breaking their existing apps and then taking remote debugging info away from them, instead of wooing its users with enticements. Those who cut their teeth on ASP.NET have no clue what I am talking about, and die-hard ASP/.NET fans will surely think I am idiot. They are welcome. This is my path, and they need not walk it.