Funny election ad from Texas official now viral

Usually when we laugh at political ads, it’s not because they were intended to be funny. Yet this short re-election video by the Travis County Commissioner, Gerald Daugherty (R), and his wife,  scores big at what most campaigns won’t dare to try. There’s no effort to smear an opponent, just light-hearted self-deprecation. It’s gone viral, with kudos from the Washington Post & CNN. Check it out!

Final Victory for Kim Davis – “Same-sex ‘marriage’ fight in Kentucky ends”

The 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals on Wednesday agreed to vacate a lower court’s injunctions against Kentucky County Clerk Kim Davis and dismiss her pending appeals, giving her a clear victory in a fight over same-sex “marriage.” “We celebrate this final victory for Kim Davis,” said Mat Staver, chairman of Liberty Counsel, which fought the legal battle on Davis’ behalf.

Read the full article: Same-sex ‘marriage’ fight in Kentucky ends – Endtime Ministries | End Of The Age | Irvin Baxter

Reality: we cannot tax ourselves into prosperity


Video: Krav Maga expert defeats a knife-wielding Muslim terrorist

We need more men like this walking around.

‘God’s Not Dead’ Filmmakers Being Sued for $100 Million

So why did Kullberg and Landon Jr. wait until now to take legal action? According to their complaint, they have been trying repeatedly to practice the road to reconciliation laid out in Matthew 18:15-17.

Source: ‘God’s Not Dead’ Filmmakers Being Sued for $100 Million

Here are some thoughts, coming from a preacher/pastor who has both studied, taught, and sought to live by our Lord’s command in Matthew 18:15-17:

  1. The Lord’s command specifically mentions “the church”—with an implication that both of the affected worshippers are mutually accountable to the same leadership. His command seems to address a case in which a trespass is occurring between believers who attend the same local assembly. Beyond that, it could include a mutually-shared structure in which both parties are accountable to the same oversight body. More on that below.
  2. The “final remedy” offered by our Lord in this passage requires that the body of oversight (before which both parties have appeared) has the authority to strip away the title of “brother” from the unrepentant, trespassing defendant. Absent this type of overarching power to excommunicate the trespasser, in which his incorrect status of “believer” is seen as a mistake and is corrected to instead be “heathen and publican” (aka unbeliever), then there is no accessible remedy present in the command.
  3. No one religious body has the ability to refer to a gainfully employed “company” of people as a singular “brother,” and likewise no one religious body has the authority to “excommunicate” a company as such. This type of remedy is obviously intended by the Lord to be literal in its application, and can only be applied to individual believers as human beings.
  4. It is quite possible for a trespass to occur in which the trespasser is beyond the jurisdiction of any religious body to suffer the offered remedy. In such a case, it is hopeful that both parties will remember that a lack of “church jurisdiction” and a presence of “secular jurisdiction” does not invalidate the Bible’s teaching that believers are not to sue each other in a court of law (1 Corinthians 6), which also is given in a context of a local assembly yet has the ability to be stretched into a broader jurisdiction by both parties agreeing to mutually-binding, third-party, Christian ARBITRATION. (Such arbitration groups exist for the very type of case happening here.) In agreeing in advance to be bound to the final judgment of third-party, Christian arbitration, both groups are in effect demonstrating their willingness to suffer themselves to be defrauded (in the event the judgment should not go their way).

“The very fact that you have lawsuits among you means you have been completely defeated already. Why not rather be wronged? Why not rather be cheated?” (1 Corinthians 6:7).

John Bolton nukes President Obama’s response to terrorism

You won’t believe: Detailers’ Easy Trick to Clean Any Windshield!

Micro$oft gets nasty on forced Windows 10 “Upgrade” — (Update to “How to Stop Windows 10”)

This is an update to what I previously posted here. (I’m a Mac user, but I write such things out of concern for friends still suffering the handicap known as Windows.)

Microsoft has recently gotten downright mean, and certainly unethical. The latest “popup” windows about upgrading now interpret clicking the “X” as “upgrade” instead of “close” — both the “X” and the “OK” button function the same as choosing “upgrade.”

According to a WND article here:

To avoid the forced “upgrade,” a user has to go into the fine print. Inside a logo box in the ad is a scheduled date for a mandatory upgrade. The user must look in the tiny type just below that line and find where it says “here” and click on that to avoid the upgrade.

Read more on their site.

Yes, Hitler was a Liberal Socialist… | Louder With Crowder – YouTube

A favorite tactic employed by leftists is to describe the Nazis as “right wing,” with of course, Adolf Hitler as their leader. Rewriting history is pretty common for leftists, but thanks to this nifty thing called “history” in combination with “the internet,” we can bust this myth once and for all…

Some real social justice in a sea of stupid

Bishop Chrysostomos, the spiritual leader of the Greek island of Zakynthos, stuck his neck out to save all 275 of the island’s Jews during the Nazi occupation of Greece….

Amazing. Read about it here.

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