A “Fick” for OCD “Suffers” Everywhere

This humorous post on the JoeForAmerica website has a list of “13 Images that will Stress-Out OCD Sufferers” — with an additional stress coming from a misspelling in the title (it has sense been corrected, but the URL still shows “Sufferers” misspelled as “Suffers”). Whether or not the additional stress was intentional or accidental, we applied our Photoshop “Skilz” to creating a li’l “test” to reveal who the truly OCD people are. In the upper left is the original “problem” image. Can you explain which fix is right, and why?




No more snow?

Here in West Virginia, as in many parts of the country, this past winter poured many, many snow storms on us (above average), and even the so-called early spring has had several snow storms.

Today, on April 7, by faith I officially turned off the artificial snowflakes feature of this blog, with hopes that the last snow of the season is behind us. This is despite the fact that it is currently still quite chilly here, and there were reports of snow in some parts of West Virginia as recently as night before last!

Algore, how’s that “global warming” thing working out for you?

(My study of the research indicates there has been no evidence of global warming for over 15 years, yet government officials and tree-hugger “science” people still cling to their stance about it, while others want to continue to foster gestapo-style tactics under the moniker of “climate change” instead of “global warming.” Sigh.)