iPhone 5 Release!

We have it from reputable sources that…

All the other reputable sources are disreputable. The “company” (aka Apple, Inc.) are masters of buzz, and part of their wizardry is in getting all these people/sites/news outlets to quoting “sources” that don’t know what they’re talking about, most times without even using quotes, sometimes without using names (or, when they do, not names that have “Apple, Inc.” in them or even remotely connected to them), and without using any concrete details. Anyhoo,

We have it from reputable sources that…

Today, October 4, 2011, Apple may or may not unveil the iPhone 5, and it may or may not have a tear-drop form factor, and it may or may not be available within two to three weeks after the maybe/maybe not unveiling today.

Sorry for the rant. Went online to see if today’s Apple event had already taken place, and if so, what the report was. I found nothing but wild speculation. I finally thought, “If you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.” Well, actually I thought, “I am about as qualified to speculate as any of these so-called sources,” and I decided to post a rant. I feel better. Thank you for reading. Click comment to vent your own rant. Or just to make me feel better. Or just because you can.

We “less-than-three” you Tim/Tom Cook! Or whatever your name is. <3