Tried to Surprise Mama, But She Saw This Pic of Us on Facebook!

This photo of us was taken by a waitress in Papadeaux Seafood Kitchen in Dallas, a wonderful place where we stopped to eat after my sister, Janet, and my niece, Amber, picked me up at the airport today in Dallas. After eating delicious seafood, we made the drive to Shreveport, where I had hoped to surprise by Mother. I had “sneaked” there to honor her on her 74th Birthday and her Retirement Party (all to occur tomorrow). However, Janet accidentally gave the surprise away too soon. She made the mistake of posting this and other photos of us on Facebook from her iPhone while we were in the restaurant. Mama logged on and saw us. BUSTED! LOL. Thanks for praying for me for a safe trip! PS: Amber is not Janet’s daughter. She is the daughter of my brother, Warren.