Technology is supposed to make life easier and better, but often the proliferation of gadgets, gizmos, and software just makes our lives more complicated and drains our available free time. Furthermore, just when you thought you had learned all the rules, methods, syntax, object orientations, encapsulations, wherefores, therefores, why-fors, and GUI’s… suddenly, PHUI: the ground beneath you moves, the bottom is dropped out, and a whole new way is invented for doing stuff you never really needed to do in the first place.

However, falling behind the pace of advancement can be as problematic as attempting to stay relatively near the cutting edge. The crowds are fickle. The winds of popularity can change in a blink, and the crowds flit from one platform to another like a huge flock of frightened birds. Keeping a set of software tools extendable, easy to use, and likeable, keeps people invested, and you get to keep using a platform with which you’re familiar.

Some relief can be found in the realm of free, open-source, group supported software projects like WordPress. WordPress’ methods, setup, interface, plug-ins, group participation, and progressiveness, etc, are really moving in the right direction. But enough about WordPress. Right now I’m giving Posterous a once over. We will let you all know what we think about it.